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Writing about creating & growing stuff on the internet 📈 • Content creator • Woman in tech • Fintech growth marketer • Emlyon MSc

I’m a growth marketer in a Product Growth team.

It means my organisation is embracing this forward-thinking way of doing growth: product-led growth, when marketing-led or sales-led is still the norm in most B2B tech companies.

This is how I’d explain it to a 6-year-old:

1/ “Don’t tell your friend how cool your new toy is. Show them instead.”

You got excited about your…

Being a startup employee is the second best thing after creating one, they say.

Moving fast, breaking things, and building the next unicorn sounds like so much fun indeed. But not all startups are born equal when it comes to being an environment where you can thrive.

In the same…

Last Sunday, I visited the Tate Modern Museum in London for the first time.

I have a love — wtf-is-going-on? relationship with modern art, but I’m kind of addicted to the puzzled feeling it leaves me with at the end of each gallery tour.

This time, I happened to stumble…

To grow your audience, you have to be vulnerable they say.

In 2010, it meant taking your top off and posting that bikini shot on Instagram. After all, “sex sells” is the oldest marketing mantra of all.

Apparently it will earn you likes as well.

But what does it mean…

April 2021: the past few weeks have felt oddly familiar.

2005 internet familiar. I find myself waking up to my phone buzzing with Twitter notifications of people I’ve never met in real life, but with whom I chat daily.

We share common interests, goals, struggles. …

B2B marketers are the worst kind of evil. Trust me, I’m one of them.

First, let’s set the record straight: there’s no such thing as B2B marketing.

Just like in retail, food, or any B2C industry, we are marketing to humans first.

The task at hand is therefore to appeal…

The job isn’t done once you’ve hit publish.

I know what you’re going to say: organic online encounters take time.

Although very satisfying, it’s hard to scale genuine online engagement. If proactively interacting with the online crowd is part of your community-building strategy (as it should be!), …

It’s so easy to build alone.

Your brain is the only ruling power in miles. You always get to have the last word. Even your craziest ideas never get to be challenged, and that saves a lot of time on arguments that are never to happen.

And yet, incubators shy…

“Post it and they will come” is so 2015.

Here is a strong signal that confirms this: lately, tech companies have been shifting from Social Media Marketing to Community Marketing. Doubtful? Check the job boards.

They understood sharing content on social media platforms isn’t the recipe for success. Engaging is…

source: Financial Times

Beginners have an immeasurable advantage over you.

They don’t know what they don’t know. Like pioneers, they aren’t held back by the been there done that feeling yet.

On the uncleared ground that the internet has become, this is the mindset that’ll get you ahead as an online creator. …

Pauline Rivière

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